I'm Alive


What a time to be alive. I have finally decided on a blogging platform that I want to use to write out my thoughts and feelings about software development, music production, photography, and what ever else I can think of. I decided to go with the Eleventy base blog repository. Why? Because it was small and nimble enough for my needs, as well as super easy to get started with.

I host the actual code on a private repository on GitHub. Why private? Because I keep my drafts in there. The deployment is a simple rsync to my webserver that is just hosting static HTML files generated by 11ty.

I have already followed a blog tutorial to add the draft frontmatter to the deployment for posts. So that's neat! I have also started to slowly change the stylesheets as well. For the most part I like the base CSS stylesheet I just think it needs more me.

Stick around for long-winded blog posts about my career in software development and other ideas I have.