Update WordPress on a Cron

I like to be safe. Especially with a platform that has a history of bad security. Granted, the more I use WordPress and work with it, the more I realize its just a lack of understanding that creates vulnerabilities in WordPress installations. A big one a lot of novice developers… Read More

Half Baked: A Journey Through Legacy Code

I have taken a project on at work where I am reverse engineering bugs out of a legacy project that is built in CakePHP 2.5. As most stories like this go, there is no documentation of the system and only the source code and some logs to go through. This is my journey though the wrong and right paths to fixing a bug in this project. Read More

Getting into Hack

I've been playing around with Hack and the HHVM and wanted to document how my transition from PHP development to Hack has been, and some things to watch out for and pay attention to. Read More

PHP & REST Basics

REST isn't an unusual thing in PHP, it just isn't really explored in a lot of novice PHP tutorials. I hope to extrapolate some of the underlying features of the PHP language to describe how to utilize HTTP methods to perform specific actions in a PHP application. Read More

Neat Script

I run a Xubuntu 16.04 box as my main machine and I am rather tired of running the update and then upgrade commands for apt. This is common situation a lot of people just assign to an alias and I figured I may want to automate this process in a… Read More